About Us

Anhui F&J New Energy Co., Ltd., established in 2017, is located in the beautiful Anhui Luzhou (Hefei). The company has a registered capital of 50 million yuan and more than 40 employees. It is an enterprise with rich customer resources and economic and trade experience. The rapid growth and development of our company in the past years has also been unanimously affirmed in the industry.

The company's main business scope is: power and energy storage lithium-ion battery cells, power and energy storage-related lithium battery management systems (BMS), and provide small and medium-sized end users with molded cells or modules. The company has a number of professional and technical personnel and high-end Pack equipment, can customize the finished module products that customers want according to user needs, and provide long-term after-sales service.

Service concept: Honest service, rigorous responsibility, continuous innovation

Corporate culture: sincere, win-win and high efficiency

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