On April 12 and 13, 2014, the company organized all employees of the power distribution department to participate in a training on the "Design Specification for Substations 20kV and Below". The training was in the new specification "Design Specification for Substations 20kV and Below". (GB50053-2013) is about to be implemented, and the original standard "10kV and below Substation Design Code" (GB500523-94) is about to be abolished.
The training mainly explained the content of the new specification in detail, and combined the original specification with a focus on explaining the updated content of the specification. The general chapter list of the new specification is the same as the original specification, only part of the content has been updated:
1). The terms used in the specification are more clear, such as "should", "should" and "must", so that we can define issues in design more clearly.
2). 10 mandatory clauses are emphasized to remind us of the issues that must be paid attention to in the design.
3) Combining actual design issues, explained the specifications one by one, so that we have a deep understanding of the profound meaning of the specifications in the design, rather than simply applying the terms.
4). Explained the background of extending the scope of the article from 10kV to 20kV, as well as the issues that should be paid attention to for the application of the entire specification after adjustment.
5). It focuses on explaining the changes of the new regulations to the original regulations, explaining the background of the abolition of the original regulations, and the guiding significance of the new regulations to the current design work.
6). For the actual design work, training and selection of typical professional issues were explained in detail.
Through this training, we fully understand that the GB50053 specification is the most important specification for power distribution design and the basis of our design. Through the study of the new specifications, the designers of our power distribution department have a new understanding of power distribution design, and the members of the power distribution department have also learned valuable professional knowledge and design experience. The very necessary guiding role has laid a good foundation for us to better complete the design work in the future.
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